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The procedure of repairing or reconstructing any perforation/hole in the eardrum or tympanic membrane is referred to asMyringoplasty. The doctor may confirm a hole by using an instrument ‘Auriscope’. The hole is healed with Myringoplasty which prevents water from entering the ear causing any infection. However, it is not necessary that the doctor may go for surgery in case of perforation. If a hole is recent, your doctor may suggest some medication as well.

What are the symptoms?

In case of perforation or hole there is not a total loss of hearing, therefore, sometimes a patient may not know that his/her eardrum has been effected. During regular check-ups or in case of chronic discharge from the ear with pain, this can be diagnosed.

Procedure for Myringoplasty

Myringoplasty is a minor surgery and can be performed under local anaesthesia. However, a doctor may go for a general anaethesia if the procedure is to be performed on a child or on a patient with any other health issues.The doctor treats the perforation by using a graft. The surgery can be carried out through ear canal or by making a very small incision. The surgeon will widen the ear canal through a drill and will use a graft to patch the ear drum which is taken from the skin. After the procedure, external dressing will also be administered.

Risks Involved

The surgery is totally safe & any post-operative complication is usually rare. However, in rare cases patient may catch infections and bleeding may also occur. The other dangers can be graft failure, hearing loss, taste disturbance, facial palsy, dizziness or tinnitus.





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