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For Patient & Visitors

  • Services offered by the Hospital 24 X 7
  • Visitors’ policy
  • Documents required for admission
  • Taking care of valuables
  • Advance Policy
  • Infection control guidelines for the Patients
  • Bed Category
  • Billing and Discharge
  • Policy on change of bed category
  • Check out times
  • Yours rights as a Patient
  • Confidential Suggestion Form
  • Food timings for patients
  • Important contact numbers within the Hospital
  • Food timings for attendants
  • Restrictions within the Premises

Some of the services available on 24 X 7 basis at the Hospital are:

  • Parking Services: Special Multiple Entry Pass for 24 hours is also available.
  • Pharmacy: Ground Floor
  • Blood Bank: Ground Floor
  • Cafeteria Services: Ground Floor
  • Ambulance: Available for transporting the patients*.

Please contact Emergency department personally for availing Ambulance Services.

Kindly bring the following documents at the time of admission

Cashless / Corporate Patients :

  • Identity proof
  • TPA Card
  • MRD Number, if already issued to you
  • Record of previous Investigations and prescription

Cash Patients :

Record of previous Investigations and prescription

Advance Policy for Admissions

  • For Planned admissions 100% of the estimate
  • For Emergency admissions 80% of the estimate

Advance Policy for Admissions

  • For Planned admissions 100% of the estimate
  • For emergency admissions 80% of the estimate

Booking Amount by bed categories:

 Bed category  Charges (Rs.)
  ICU (All ICUs)  90,000
 Suite  90,000
 Deluxe  75,000
 Single  60,000
 Twin sharing  40,000
 Economy  35,000
 Day care   20,000

Booking amount shall only be adjusted in the final bill.

A deposit of 10% of the estimated bill will be taken for non-medical/ non-admissible items which are not payable by TPAs. Unutilized amount, if any, will be refunded at the time of discharge.

Where a patient is to be admitted and the desired category of bed is not available, the patient may opt for next available higher category bed & would be charged as per the category of admission.

Bed Category
Twin sharing
Three bedded
Four bedded
Six bedded
Birthing Suite
Labour room
NNU (Nursery)
Day care
Chemotherapy Day Care Charges more than 4 hours
Chemotherapy Day Care Charges less than 4 hours
Hepa Filter Room (BMT)
Neonatal HDU
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