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Brain-Stem Implantation

Brain-stem implantation

Auditory Brain-stem Implantation

Auditory Brain-stem Implantation is a procedure where an electronic device is placed in the brain of a patient with hearing disability to help him/her in hearing process. The procedure is a complex neurosurgical process. It helps people with hearing loss either by birth (with no nerve of hearing) or lossof hearing power due to some ailment (Usually tumor near the hearing nerve) or accident. The procedure does not bring back or generate the hearing power but it is quite effective in helping patient in sensing the sound and comprehending a sentence by lip-reading.

Auditory Brain-stem Implant

An Auditory Brain-stem Implant is an electronic device placed in the brain of a patient who is deaf. The implant generates a sense of sound which aids a patient in reacting and comprehending the surroundings.

The electric instrument consists of a microphone and a sound processor which is placed behind the patient’s ear. The instrument helps in picking up the surrounding sounds. A chip is also placed under the skin which transmits the information to the brain creating an impression of sound.

How does it help in hearing?

The procedure does not revive or create hearing activity. It only helps in sending sound signals to brain. It helps a person in lip-reading and understanding other’s speech.





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