When is there need of liver transplant in India

Liver is considered as one of the most important organ of the body whose main function and located at the right hand portion of the abdominal cavity. It is protected by the lower right ribs. The main function of this organ is to filter the blood of the all the waste materials before it is passed down to the rest of the body. Additionally, it detoxifies the chemicals and also does the work of metabolizing drugs. But there are some conditions which lead to its failure. The only option left is of a transplant. BLK is one of the best liver transplant hospitals in India.

Liver failure is a chronic or acute condition in which it loses its function to perform at all. Large parts become damaged and are beyond repair. It is a life threatening condition which should be dealt immediately. In most cases, it occurs gradually and takes years to develop and show signs but in rare cases, it can occur rapidly. This condition is known as acute failure. Liver transplant specialists in India identify the following signs –

·         Yellowing of the skin including the eyeballs which is known as jaundice.

·         Newly occurring pain in the right side of the abdomen.

·         Feeling of vomiting accompanied by nausea.

·         Not feeling well and sleepiness.

Liver transplant treatment in India is needed because of the following conditions –

·     Hepatitis B – it is a liver disease which is caused by HBV virus. It causes swelling and prevents this organ from working in a normal manner. It is treatable but in some cases it causes irreversible damage to the body. Instead of focusing on the treatment, prevention is carried out by giving a vaccine. It is most commonly spread by bodily fluid and it is contagious.

·    Cirrhosis – It is a medical condition in which the normal healthy tissues in the liver are replaced by scar tissues. These tissues make this organ hard and the blood is not able to get through a large vein that goes directly into the liver. There is no cure of this condition except a transplant. There are two main stages of this condition – compensated and decompensated.

·    Hemochromatosis – In this condition, there is too much of iron collected in the body. It is also known as iron overload. It is identified by symptoms such as pain in joints, feeling tired, unexplained weight loss, fluttering of heart, hazy memory etc.

·  Alcohol consumption – One of the major causes of needing best liver transplant in India is alcohol. Individuals who drink too much of alcohol develops fatty liver which in turn leads to cirrhosis. The chances of suffering from this disease increases in individuals who regularly consume alcohol.

The end way out of all the above mentioned diseases and conditions is a transplant. In this procedure, non working liver is removed and replaced with a part or a fully healthy liver from a donor. As liver transplant cost in India is relatively lower, it is a preferred destination for many patients.

In this procedure, general anesthesia is provided. Then, incisions are made across the abdomen. Liver’s blood supply is disconnected and then the diseased liver is removed. Healthy liver is taken from the donor and transplanted into your body. All the blood vessels and bile ducts are reattached. Steps are taken to see that there is minimal blood loss. The incisions are then closed. The whole procedure takes around 12 hours to complete. After the transplant procedure, you are kept in ICU for a few days. You will have to spend 10-12 days after.

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