What if my IVF cycle fails

IVF or In vitro fertilisation is the medical process by which childless couples can have a chance at parenthood. The problem of infertility is not new and time and again medical scientists have been trying to device out ways to tackle this problem. One of the most efficient outcomes of their continuous efforts was IVF or In vitro fertilisation. IVF treatment specialists in India have been successful in giving the joy of parenthood to many childless couples who had completely lost all hopes. BLK UG is the centre for the best IVF treatment in India and has been successful in performing many successful IVF 0procedures. The hospital has been widely acknowledged for the use of latest techniques and equipment for treating its patients. It is the hub of some of the leading IVF treatment specialists in India. Being the best IVF centre in India, BLK UG provides a patient friendly and positive environment and follows a strict privacy policy i.e. the problem stays between you and the doctor, so you don't need to 0feel ashamed or shy.

While looking for the most efficient IVF treatment specialist in India people often make their choice on the basis of the success rate of the surgeries performed by him/her. Although IVF cycle has a high success rate but there have been cases where the procedure did not work out well in the first go and the procedure had to be repeated. Even the best IVF centre in India has a record of unsuccessful IVF procedures which were needed to be repeated. The failure of the procedure is possible and there is nothing to worry about. In order to understand the causes of the failure of IVF, it is important to understand the whole procedure.

IVF is performed in case of male or female Infertility which deprives the couple from bearing a child. The problem of infertility can be prevalent in both males and females and its reasons may vary from person to person. Some of the major reasons of infertility in males are injury in the genitals, inability to produce healthy and ample sperms, some other prevailing medical condition, tumors, excessive smoking, consumption of alcohol etc. In females, the problem mostly rises due to hormonal imbalance and PCOD (polycystic ovarian disorder).

The procedure is carried out by collecting a single healthy sperm from the male partner which is then injected into an egg taken from the female partner and both are the process of fertilisation is carried out artificially in a glass container. Once the fertilization takes place, the zygote is placed inside the uterus of the female partner where it grows naturally. In case the mother is incapable of bearing the child, the option of surrogacy can be opted.

However the procedure can turn out to be unsuccessful in the first try owing to various reasons some of which include implantation failure, poor quality of gametes, infection in the pelvic area due to hydrosalpynx, presence of endometriotic cysts, unhealthy sperm or egg, problems in the ovarian stimulation etc. Since the doctor becomes aware of these problems hence they can be easily dealt with and before carrying out the 2nd attempt the doctors try to nullify all of these problems.

The medical protocol can be easily revised and it ensures greater success rate. IVF process and ICSI Infertility Treatment in India requires a lot of Specialization and even after that, something might go wrong because the process is very complicated and gets influenced easily by a number of factors. However you should not lose hope and try again if it does not work out for the first time. The process is quiet new and still under development and researches are being carried out ensure 100 percent accuracy and success of the procedure.

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