What happens in spine surgery hospital in India

Spine is made up of different bones that are stacked on top of each other. To be precise, they are made of 33 different bones. It acts as the body’s central support structure. It provides balance to maintain an upright position. The way how to we stand from sitting position is maintained by the spine. Along with this, it also protects spinal cord, nerve roots and other organs. When any part has this much function in the body, they should be protected. But there are some diseases which stops it from functioning normally. This can be very difficult as physical movement is hurt. There are different conservative treatments available but sometimes, the extent of injury is great and these methods fail to bring relief. The only option left is to go ahead for spine surgery. If you are suggested the same then contact BLK hospital which is considered as the best spine surgery hospital in India.

One of the important parts of these bones is thoracic spine. It is the longest and one of the most complex regions of the spine. It contains 12 vertebrae and is located in the chest region. The word thoracic is related to chest. The primary function of this organ is to protect vital organs such as heart and lungs. The range of motion of this spine is quite limited. There are different for undergoing thoracic spine surgery in India. Some of the common ones are –

· Degenerative disc disease – it is the term used when there is loss of cushioning between the discs of vertebrae.

· Herniated disc – It is one of the most common conditions of the spine in which one of the discs located between the vertebrae.

· Spinal stenosis – the word is associated with narrowing of the spinal column. It also compresses the spinal cord and spinal fusion.

· Spondylolithesis – it is the condition in which the vertebra of the spinal column gets displaced from its own position.

· Kyphosis – There is rounding of the upper back and is identified by outward curve of the spine. It is a spinal disorder. 

Some of the symptoms of this condition are –

·  Pain the middle or front of the chest.

·  Numbness and tingling sensation.

·  Weakness in muscles.

·  Legs spasticity.

·  Radiating pain down the body.

This operation is recommended to patients who are whose pain is chronic and intolerable. There is loss of function and nonsurgical treatments are of no use. There are different surgeries to perform spine surgery orthopedic in India. Some of them are –

·  Laminotomy and discectomy

These both are the most traditional ways to perform this surgery. Both the words have different meanings and are used in open surgery only. The word laminotomy stands for make an opening in the lamina whereas discectomy means removing the disc. In case of decompression of spinal cord, it was used.

·  Transthoracic decompression

It is a newer technique to decompress the spinal cord. In this procedure, small incision is made through the ribs and work on the spine is done through the chest cavity. There is only need of removal of minimum amount of the vertebra.

·    Fusion

It is the surgery in which two or more bones are added into one solid bone. If a large section of the bone and disc material is removed, a section of spine may become loose or unstable. This is when fusion is needed as it fuses the unstable bones to grow together.

·  Video Assisted Thoracoscopy Surgery

It is a minimally invasive surgery imparted by best spine specialist in India in which only small incisions are made. A small instrument, known as thoracoscope, is passed through the chest cavity to treat the herniated disc.

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