What happens in neuroendoscopy treatment in India

The word neuro is used whenever we talk about the nerves or the nervous system. This system carries messages to and from the brain to various parts of the body. The way how to react and how we behave is taken care by this system only. It has two different parts – central and peripheral nervous system. It comprises of spinal, brain and all the other nerves and ganglia. Various different diseases of brain and spinal cord stop this system to work normally. The branch of medicine which deals with this condition is known as neurology. After the problem has been diagnosed, there are different procedures to treat the problems. As the technology is going forward, there are different new and improved methods. Neuroendoscopy in India is one of them.

Before learning about neuroendoscopy treatment in India, it is important to know about endoscopy in general. It is a non surgical method to look inside the human body. A special and small instrument known as endoscope is inserted from the mouth. It is a flexible tube which has a camera attached that allows the doctor to see. Now, neuroendoscopy is an endoscopic procedure in which the neurosurgeon accesses the brain without the help of incisions. In most cases, it is done to remove tumor from the brain.

Top neurosurgery hospitals in india have two basic advantages in this procedure –

1.  Areas of the brain which are not accessed by traditional surgery are reached by neuro-endoscopy.

2.  Removing the tumor from the brain without harming and cutting the normal and other parts of the skull.

3.    There is lesser pain in this surgery.

4.   As it is a minimally invasive procedure, there are no big incisions involved.

5.    Scarring is less because the size of incisions is small.

6.    The downtime is very less which means that recovery is fast.

This branch of medicine also takes care of spine and its surgeries. There is a reason why a neurologist is involved in these surgeries. Spine is spread all along the back and it does the primary job of sending as well as receiving the signals directly from the brain. Any condition or disorder in the brain can lead to the malfunctioning of spine and therefore requires expert help of a neurologist.

Neurospine treatment in India is done with the help of different surgeries which are minimally invasive in nature. Two of the most common MIS spine surgeries are explained below –

·    MIS lumbar discectomy – neuro spine surgery in India in needed in case of a herniated disc in the lower back. As opposed to an open surgery, smaller incisions are required. Discs are present between each vertebra to provide support and cushion. But as we age, the outer walls of one of the discs dries out and become weak. It presses directly on the spinal cord and causes pain and weakness. In this procedure, small incisions are made to insert a small tube through the skin on the back. Tiny tools are inserted through the tube to remove the herniated disc. After the procedure, tube and the tools are removed and then a small bandage is placed to close the wound. 

·     MIS lumbar fusion – neuro spine hospitals in India conduct this surgery to join two or more bones permanently in the body. Vertebrae are small bones that make up the spinal column. They also protect the spinal cord. But due to some injury, the bones keep on moving against each other which causes pain. In this procedure, a small incision is made to insert small tools which will dilate the back muscles. The intervertebral disc will be then removed. A synthetic bone like material will be placed in the space between the vertebrae. The incision will then be closed.

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