What happens in a hip replacement surgery

There are more than 100 different joints in the body whose main function is to allow the movement of the body. It allows the body to move in different directions and angles as desired. It connects different body parts and all the physical movement is done by it. It comes under our musculoskeletal system. It is important to have strong joints to make sure the physical work is not hampered but there are many diseases and conditions which stop them from doing this work. Hip is one of the joints which damages in old age. It causes lot of pain and when conservative treatment doesn’t work, there is need of hip replacement surgery in India.

Hip joint is a ball and socket joint and is considered as the primary connection between the upper and lower body. It balances the body and carries its weight to support standing, walking and running. It is very crucial in maintaining the movement of the body. But due to old age, these joints suffer wear and tear and cause pain. The branch of medicine which deals with the diagnosis and treatment of hip pain is known as orthopedics. This is the time when you need to get in touch with BLK and undergo a hip replacement. It is considered as the best orthopedic specialist hospital in India.

Hip replacement is a surgical procedure in which the damaged section of the hip joint is removed and replaced with the help of artificial materials. These materials can be metal, ceramic, hard plastic etc. Hip replacement is reserved for selected patients who have tried other conservative and non invasive methods but have not found relief. It is need in the following cases –

·    Osteoarthritis – It is the most form of arthritis in which the protective tissue at the end of the bones wears down and this condition worsens over time. It is known as wear and tear arthritis and damages the cartilage that helps joints move smoothly.

·     Rheumatic arthritis – it is an autoimmune and inflammatory disorder that affects the hip joint. Body’s immune system attacks its own tissue and causes pain and swelling. If not corrected, it can also lead to bone erosion and deformity.

·    Hip replacement is also done as a part of trauma surgery in India. Hip fracture is a serious orthopedic injury and usually results from significant trauma. The surgery allows the patient to stabilize the dislocated disc and recues pain and bedrest.

·  Osteonecrosis is a condition in which bone tissues die as they don’t receive enough blood. In case of hip joint, ball portion does not get enough blood supply and it leads to its collapse.

Hip surgery is suggested by the doctor when pain persists even after taking medications and worsens with walking. Daily activities are hampered and it also interferes with the sleep. Before the surgery starts, doctor will check your medical history and do a brief examination. One critical part is to see the range of motion and strength of the surrounding muscles. If there are any doubts or questions, then they should be directed forward.

The procedure starts by administering general anesthesia. This will keep you in sleep and no pain will be experienced. An incision is made over the front of the hip. It is done through the layers of the tissue. Healthy bone is left intact and diseased bone is removed. It is replaced with the help of prosthetic socket which is implanted into your pelvic bone. After the surgery, you will be moved to a recovery area where the main aim is to prevent blood clotting by giving blood thinning medication.

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