What happens in a heart transplant hospital in India

Heart is a pear shaped organ located in the rib cage, between the lungs. It is considered as one of the most important organs of the body. The main function of this organ is to circulate blood to different body parts. It is a 24/7 procedure and takes place even when we are asleep. Even a delay of a minute can lead to great trouble. If these problems are not treated quickly, then they can turn to be fatal. If you are suffering from the above mentioned diseases, then consider BLK which is the best heart hospital in India.

There are different types of diseases which bother our heart. Some of the most complex ones are explained below –

·     Mitral valve stenosis

It is the condition in which narrowing of the heart’s valve takes place. The valve doesn’t open properly and affects the flow of blood. Blood is not able to flow properly into the left ventricle. Some of the common symptoms are explained below –

1.       Shortness of breath is the most common symptom.

2.       Discomfort and pain in chest.

3.       Easily getting tired while doing physical activity.

4.       Dizziness, fainting and coughing of blood.

This condition is commonly caused due to rheumatic fever. This fever causes flaps to thicken and fuse. Another reason is buildup of calcium. Calcium gets deposited around the ring which does not let it open properly.

·    Aortic valve regurgitation

It is a condition in which heart’s aortic valve does not close in a normal manner. When the valves are not closed properly, they are blood travels in the back direction to the heart. The leakage prevents heart to pump blood less efficiently to the rest of the body. Heart specialists in India identify the following symptoms –

1.       Weakness in the body when physical activity is increased.

2.       Shortness of breath while lying down.

3.       Chest pain and discomfort during exercise.

4.       Irregular beating of heart, also termed as arrhythmia.

Some of the common causes of this disease are congenital heart disease, older age, endocarditis, rheumatic fever, trauma, other diseases etc.

·    Heart failure

It is a chronic and deadly condition in which heart does not pump blood as efficiently. The body’s needs are not met. All the conditions cannot be reversed but treatments can improve the signs and symptoms. Some of the common signs and symptoms are –

1.       Rapid heartbeat.

2.       Shortness of breath when you lie down.

3.       Fatigue and weakness.

4.       Increased urge to urinate at night.

This condition develops in the body when other conditions have caused it to fail. Some of the common causes are faulty heart valves, cardiomyopathy, hypertension, myocarditis, chronic diseases etc. 

If the failure is caused by coronary artery disease, then the treatment is done by coronary artery bypass surgery. It is a complex surgical procedure in which the flow of blood is diverted around the blocked artery. It bypasses the blocked artery, hence the name Bypass grafting. The main aim of this surgery is to improve the blood flow. Healthy blood vessel is either taken from leg, chest or arm. This surgery is needed when there is severe chest pain which is not solved by angioplasty. It is also an option in case of emergency situations like heart attack.

Heart bypass surgery in India is started by administering anesthesia. It requires around 3-6 hours and the exact time depends on the severity of the blockage. An incision is made and heart is temporarily stopped. A section of healthy blood vessel is taken and its ends are attached above and below the blocked artery. After the surgery, you will be shifted to ICU.

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