What are the risks if I get my hip replacement done after the age of 70

The functioning of the human body is maintained by a skeletal system on a major basis. Various joints of the skeletal system including knee, shoulder, and hip are of crucial value for the movements which allow comfortable stances and postures. The team of experts from one of the best orthopaedic hospital in India states that the general well-being of a person is considerably impacted by the condition of his or her skeletal system. The structure of the joints and condition of the bones determine the extent to which that particular person can comfortably carry out the daily work since every single turn of the body be it minor or major in nature involves the movement of bones and joints.

A trusted orthopaedic hospital in India provides various treatments including medical and surgical which can help to reinstate the degraded condition of bones and joints. Usually, cases reported are of old age men/ women because the onset of chronological age enhances the deterioration of general health which likewise, impacts the condition of bones and joints.

In various researches which were carried out to determine the types of joint replacement surgery being in the country, it was noticed that damage to the hip is common after a youthful age due to several mishaps or accidents. The damage caused can usually not be treated by medicine and due to the severity of this case, hip replacement surgery is considered as an effective method of treatment to strengthen the structure of the hip and provide relief from pain. Plus, faster recovery is provided by hip replacement surgery.

A dynamically experienced from the renowned institution of hip replacement surgery in India states a fact from a trusted source that the majority of hip replacement surgeries are carried out to between the range of 60 to 80 age. Hip replacement surgery is performed in this age group to substitute the damaged hip and a prosthetic part usually which is made up of metal or plastic is used as a substitution, as explained by a professional from medically acknowledged hip replacement surgery hospital in the country. The case is further explained by doctors from state of the art institutions of trauma surgery in India, they showcase the importance of hip replacement surgery particularly after 60 years of age to 80 years of because during this point of time, hip is vulnerable to damage from any kind of trauma be it a mild accident, slip, rheumatoid arthritis, hip fracture, septic arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, bone dysplasias or collision with any such thing which could impart extra pressure on the area of hip. It is clarified that age should not be considered as a barrier for hip replacement surgery because this surgery is performed with the utmost precision and the results lay successful for almost 15 years post the surgical procedure.

Even though hip replacement surgery has been recommended for people post the age of 70 years still there are various factors which are considered thoroughly before performing this surgery. Hip replacement surgery is seen as the last measure to treat any hip condition, it is considered when the range of movement is severely decreased and pain is unbearable even while resting.

The treatment is preceded with a finely detailed physical examination and proper assessment to determine the extent of damage caused. To decrease the pain doctors use general anaesthesia or epidural as per the condition of the patient and the severity of the condition. Minimal invasive techniques are being employed as alternative treatments for hip replacement surgery. For the procedure, incisions are made through which damaged hip joint is removed and the prosthetic joint is substituted in its place.

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