What are the most common reasons for liver transplant

Liver transplant is the procedure of removing the diseased liver from a patient’s body and replace it with a partial or full liver that is healthy. A liver transplant is a complex procedure and therefore it is performed by highly experienced doctors and team of technicians that make sure everything goes fine.

Liver is a very important organ of our body responsible for a number of processes. It is involved in the digestion process and is also responsible for the removal of toxins from the body. Unfortunately, it is the second most common organ to be transplanted despite of its ability to treat itself. According to a liver transplant hospital in India, most of the time; it is a person’s own carelessness that causes the rupture of the liver that brings the organ to its failure.

Every year, we experience a large number of medical tourism because the cost of liver transplant in India is way cheaper than most of the western countries with the same (or better) results. The liver transplant specialists in India are highly experienced in the field and perform the procedure with extreme sincerity towards the operation. They know about a patient’s requirements and do not make any mistakes related to surgery or recovery of the patient.

The most common causes that require a liver transplant are:

 ·     Excessive alcohol consumption

·      Regular drug abuse

·      Injury to the organ due to continuous infection 

Liver disease can cause scarring in the blood vessels making the blood flow which may increase the blood pressure of the patient. If a liver disease is not treated at the effective time, it can cause some serious problems like affecting other organs or maybe even death.

Liver transplant treatment in India has advanced through the decade. Before the surgery, the doctor takes the patient through a thorough diagnosis. Here a patient’s general medical health is tested with his or her family medical history. This ensures that everything is fine and the patient is fit to go through the surgery. The doctor may give the patient some medications to prepare his or her body for the surgery. The patient’s vitals are monitored before the surgery to make sure he or she is prepared. The day before the surgery is a little chaotic as the nurses and doctors are continuously monitoring the patient and performing the necessary tests.

If the patient has a living liver donor, the donor will also be taken through the test. In a living liver donation, only a part of the liver is taken from the donor and transplanted into the patient’s body. After the surgery, these partial livers grow continuously in both the patient and donor’s body until they form a full liver and work smoothly with the body.

The patient is given some medications to help in the recovering process and to make sure that the body does not reject the new liver. He or she is kept into the hospital for a few days before they are discharged and assigned a special care plan to work with at home. The patient’s family is asked to make a few changes in their lifestyle to make it easier for the patient to accommodate.

Until the patient recovers completely, he or she must maintain regular visits to the hospitals so that the doctor can keep a check on his or her condition. The patient takes a few months to return to his normal lifestyle whereas the donor returns to his or her normal lifestyle in a few weeks. Once the recovery is complete, the patient won’t even feel a difference in his body, except feeling better leaving the disease behind.


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