What are the 5 most common sports injuries

A sports person is most perceptible to injuries. Experiencing injuries is a very day-to-day task for them. Ankle twists, muscle pulls or inflammation is the commonest of them all. But serious injuries can cause some grave consequences, making the person incapable to participate in the sportive activity.

In this article, we have put forward the five most common sports injuries that need serious treatments.

1)      Joint Dislocation

The most common case of joint dislocation is shoulder dislocation. Shoulder dislocation is caused due to the severity of contact sports like football and basketball. At a minor scale, the doctor may suggest anti-inflammatory medicines and gauge to give support but in major cases the person has to be taken into surgery. Sports injury treatment in India had gained more emphasis with the growing niche in the field.

The dislocation is confirmed by an X-ray and then the doctor examines the shoulder to determine the severity of the situation. The operation for shoulder dislocation is a very mild one and the patient is usually sent home the same day. The patient may remain in the influence of local anaesthesia for a few hours before he or she is discharged.

2)      Superior labral tear (SLAP)

SLAP is the tearing of the cartilage around and in your shoulder joint. Most of the times, the patients do not notice the problem until it is too late and he or she is in extreme pain. If known initially, it can be treated with medications and physical therapy. But mostly it takes a proper surgery to treat the problem.

The diagnosis for a SLAP is a lengthy procedure. First through a physical examination the doctor will draw an analysis, then through an X-ray, he/she will rule out the possibility of a fracture finally an MRI will decide the treatment of the labral tear.

The surgery depends on the injury, age and activity of the patient. It is an arthroscopic surgery in which the doctor places a small camera into your shoulder joint and performs the whole procedure through small incisions.

3)      Meniscus tear

Meniscus is a piece of cartilage in our knee joint. Any injury to the cartilage can be extremely painful and uncomfortable.

A meniscectomy or a meniscus repair surgery is performed if the tear is on the lower two third of the knee. In a meniscectomy, the damaged cartilage is cut out whereas in a meniscus tear repair, the torn cartilage is stitched and sealed.

4)      Anterior cruciate ligament tears

Anterior cruciate ligament tears are surgically repaired by the doctors if the patient’s body is unable to repair the tear itself. This usually happens when the tear is too large to heal naturally.  The tear is repaired through the grafting method. These grafts help the new tissues to grow and provide support for the new cells.

The best sport injury treatment in India uses small incisions to perform the surgery so the scarring is minimal and recovery is fast.

5)      Rotator cuff tear

Rotator cuff tear is another shoulder injury that causes extreme pain to the patient. A rotator cuff, just like other sports injuries, has treatments methods to avoid surgery. But in extreme cases, the tear repair needs external help. Here the doctors perform surgery to reattach the tendon and help the body heal the rest.

All the above mentioned surgical procedures are completely safe and have hardly any complications. All these surgical procedures demand proper rest and care on the patient’s part to give his or her body enough time to heal from the injury. Most of the time, people go back to playing after a few months. 

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