What all physical activities are restricted after kidney transplant

Kidney transplant in medical procedure of substituting a damaged kidney with healthy kidney coming from a donor who is either related to the patient by blood of any random person whose blood group matches with that of the patient. Kidney transplant is required in patients suffering from serious kidney problems that cannot be treated simply by the use of medication. BLK Hospital is listed amongst the best kidney transplant hospitals in India. The hospital staff consists of some of the best nephrologists of the country who aim at providing the best medical treatment to the patients with satisfactory results. The hospital has all kinds of facilities based on latest technological advancements which are at par with International standards. The hospital is also a hub for the best kidney transplant surgeons in India.

Kidney specialist hospitals in India have not only attracted patients from different parts of the country that from other corners of the world as well. You can find some of the best kidney treatment in India that too at an affordable price.

The kidneys are a pair of small, bean shaped organs located on other side of the back in the lumber area. These are a part of the endocrine as well as the excretory system, responsible for the creation of various juices as well as the purification of blood. The blood loaded with toxins is passed through the Kidneys where the Kidneys extract out all of the toxic substances and impurities which are thrown out of the body along with urine. Kidneys play a vital role in our existence and the proper functioning of at least one of the two Kidneys is necessary for our survival. Our kidney can however be affected by a number of problems that can lead to permanent damage if on treated on time. Although minor problems can be easily treated by the use of certain medicines but in case of chronic kidney related problems, surgery might be required. In case only one of the Kidneys of the patient is affected and the other kidney is healthy, kidney transplant is not required. However if both the Kidneys are equally affected and damaged completely, atleast of the Kidneys needs to be replaced.

The procedure is quiet complicated and is carried out in 3 steps. The first step includes the removal of the damaged Kidneys from the patients body. The second step involves the removal of a healthy kidney from the body of the donor. The third step involves the placement of the new healthy kidney inside the body of the patient. The life of the patient would not be the same after the transfer and he has to follow certain guidelines throughout his life. The patient may even need to take anti rejection medications to avoid the possibility of the body rejecting the new kidney. The food of the patient also needs to be monitored very carefully and he should have a balance and healthy diet and keep himself hydrated.

The patients needs to abstain from certain physical activities as well. The reason behind this is that unlike normal people, kidney transplant patient has only one kidney which has to perform all the functions by itself. There is an excessive workload on the kidney and if this exceeds beyond certain limits, the kidney might fail to work and collapse.The best kidney doctor in in India recommends stretching and other steady exercises like jogging and walking. All of these should be however avoided for the first few weeks after the surgery. Refrain from doing rigorous exercises as these can put a lot of unnecessary screen on your kidney. Aerobics and pilates prove to be extremely helpful however these should be performed under the guidance of an expert. Lifting heavy objects should be avoided. Pregnancy should be avoided for at least two years after the surgery as it can be dangerous for both the mother as well as the child. 

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