IVF treatment side effects and risks

ICSI infertility treatment in India has been responsible for giving many childless couples the gift of parenthood. Fertility is the ability to produce a child and the process by which fertility is achieved is called fertilization. However sometimes the ability of producing a child gets hindered either due to the sperms or ovum being infertile. This inability to reproduce is called infertility, which can be completely treated using methods like in vitro fertilisation and ICSI that are based on new technological advancements and have a very high success rate. If you are looking for the best IVF hospital in India, BLK Hospital is your ultimate destination. It is one of the leading hospitals that provide the best IVF treatment in India. BLK is the hub of some of the leading IVF treatment Specialists in India.

The main reason for infertility in females includes inflammatory disease in the pelvic region, polyps in the uterus or birth defects where as the defects in males include swelling of the veins in the testicles, infection, ejaculation defects, tumor or hormone defects. Male infertility can be a resultant of problems which affect the production of sperms and in females the irregularity in the menstrual cycles can be a major cause of Infertility. The irregularity in the menstrual cycle can be the caused due to polycystic ovarian syndrome or PCOD.

Primary symptoms of infertility include irregular periods or no periods, hormonal fluctuations, pain or swelling in testicles and problems in maintaining errection. The report presented by the best In vitro fertilisation hospital in India has shown that around ten percent of the female population suffers from infertility while around seven percent of the males are affected by it. In vitro fertilization treatment in India is gaining immense popularity due its high yields .

In IVF or In vitro fertilisation the female eggs (ovum)and the sperms are mixed together in a dish and the eggsare allowed to get fertilized by the sperms in a natural way. However the biggest disadvantage of this treatment is the requirement of a large number of swimming sperms for a successful outcome. At times even after a large number of swimming sperms is provided, the treatment is not successful due to other factors affecting the process. Also after IVF there might be a discharge which may be clear or tinged with blood. Other than that after IVF the patient may complain of cramps which is mostly mild, bloating which may cause discomfort and even constipation. At times the patient after under going IVF may complain of tenderness in the breasts.

In vitro fertility poses several risk such as there might be a chance of multiple pregnancies which might affect the health of the female up to a large extent. It may also result in premature delivery which may have a very bad effect on the health of the mother as well as the health of the child. The premature child may have very low weight and at times it has been seen that the organs of the child may not be completely developed. IVF treatment may also increase the chance of having a miscarriage which can be a very traumatizing experience for the couple. Since eggs of both Male and female are required for the process to be carried out, the egg retrieval procedure may result in health complications. Another most dangerous side effect of in vitro fertility treatment is the high risk of developing ovarian cancer.

Since in vitro fertility has certain disadvantages and the success of the procedure is not guaranteed hence other treatments like ICSI are opted. ICSI is pretty similar to IVF however in ICSI the sperms is injected in each ovum using a very fine glass needle. ICSI infertility treatment in India has become very popular as it has a higher success rate than IVF and also a large number of sperms are not required hence making it a better method of treatment. 

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