How to treat sports injuries in India

Human musculoskeletal system is the main system in doing the physical work. It has the primary role of helping our body move in different angles and directions. Support and stability to the body is also provided by this system. When we play sports, there is heavy use of the bones and muscles of the body. It is very common to suffer minor injuries during that time but the real problem occurs when these injuries become major and we are not able to do even daily activities. This is the time when you need help of BLK which gives you the best sports injury treatment in India.

Sports injury treatment specialists in India commonly deal with the following problems –

·  Groin pull – It occurs in the body when there is extra strain on the inner muscle of the thigh or the groin. It leads to acute pain and is common in sports such as football, hockey etc.

·  Shin splints – pain that shin splints bring happen in front of the lower legs. It can either be due to too much running or physical exercise.

·   Tennis elbow – it is the pain in the outside area of the elbow. This usually happens when there is overload in the elbow.

Best sports injury treatment in India focuses on different methods and depends upon the area which is affected and the extent to which it has been damaged. Some of the common are mentioned below –

·   Ice pack – Applying ice pack should be the first thing to do. Whenever you have suffered any injury, ice should be applied for 15-20 minutes every 2-3 hours. To prevent ice burn, it should be wrapped in a towel.

·   Pain relief – painkillers in the form of paracetamol and ibuprofen can be used to help ease the pain. Children below the age of 16 years should not be given aspirin.

·   Immobilization – It is done by covering the affected areas with slings and splints. It reduces pain and swelling and make sure that there is no need movement of that part.

·   Therapy works in a great way too. Recovering from a long term injury is best done with the help of physiotherapy. It is mainly done to improve the range of motion. Techniques such as massage, manipulation and different forms of exercises are done under the guidance of a specialist.

Our knee is that body part which gets affected very commonly. If any above mentioned technique is not providing relief, then total knee replacement surgery is the way to go ahead. It is the replacement of diseases and non-functioning with the help of artificial prosthesis. It is suggested to you in case of unbearable pain. While playing contact sports, any mishap can lead to its damage.

Knee replacement surgery hospitals in India first prepare the patient by inquiring if patient is taking blood thinning medicine. It is suggested to stop them a few days before the operation. Medical issues such as diabetes, hypertension and asthma are taken into consideration. In this procedure, you are administered general anesthesia so that you are asleep during this procedure. The surgeon replaces the damaged portions of bone at the end of the thigh bone and top of the shin bone.

In some cases, knee replacement specialists in India also resurface the back of the patella. Along with the worn out cartilage, a small part of the bone is also removed. The complete recovery process is a long one. Long term precautions such as jumping, running and exercising should be avoided.

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