How to perform invasive cardiology

 Cardiology is a vast field in which there are many different procedures which are done to make sure that heart is working fine. It is done so that the impaired function of the heart is made normal. It can either be performed with the help of invasive or non invasive methods. BLK hospital is proficient in providing solution to your problem in every way. No matter what the condition you are suffering from, there will be a solution. It gives you the best invasive cardiology in India.

When it comes to treating structural heart diseases, then the term interventional cardiology is used. It is defined as a branch of cardiology in which primary focus is given on the catheter based treatment of structural heart diseases. This approach is preferred as the scars can be minimized and so can be the pain. The recovery is not long which means that there is shorter stay in the hospital. Invasive cardiology doctors in India perform procedures such as coronary angioplasty, rotablation and FFR guided PCI for intermediate lesions. Endovascular procedures such as aortoiliac angioplasty, aortic aneurysm, dissection management and carotid stenting also comes under this branch.

Angioplasty including Rotablation

A normal angioplasty procedure uses insertion of tiny balloon which is inflated to push aside the plaque to the side and improve flow of blood. But in cases where the plaque is narrow or too hard to move, rotablation is used. In this process, a very fine wire is used through the narrowing. A special catheter is inserted along with the wire. What makes this catheter special is the fact that there is a tiny drill at its tip which is powered by compressed air. The narrowing is widened as the drill chips away at the plaque. After this has been done, a balloon is inserted and the procedure of angioplasty is continued as normal.

FFR Guided PCI for intermediate lesions

It is one of the preferred minimally invasive cardiac surgeries in India. Fractional Flow Reserve (FFR) is a guide wire based procedure for measuring accurate blood pressure and flow through a specific part of the coronary artery. With the help of this method, it is determined whether the patient needs a stent or surgery. The problem can also be solved with the help of medications alone. FFR guided percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) is more beneficial as compared to angiography guided PCI.

Here, you will also get one of the best cardiac vascular surgeries in India. In these surgeries, operation is done on your heart and blood vessels to repair any damage of the cardiovascular system. Some of the common procedures are Coronary bypass surgery, midcab, surgery for valve disease, aneurysm and arrhythmia etc. With the help of latest equipments, we are highly rated in performing Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery with the help of small thoracotomy incisions which are made either on the left or right side of the chest. As the incisions are smaller in size, there is lesser risk of tissue damage. 

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