How to manage breast cancer with surgery

Cancer that begins in the cells of the breasts is known as breast cancer. After skin, it is the second most common one diagnosed in females. It begins when the healthy cells in that region change and grow out of control. This leads to formation of a mass which is known as tumor. It may arise in the breast but has the potential to spread to different areas of the body. It is known as metastasis. This cancer most commonly spreads to nearby lymph nodes but can also spread further to bones, lungs, liver etc. One of the most common treatments is Breast cancer surgery in India.


Cancer that starts in the cells lining the milk ducts is known as ductal carcinoma. They are the most common types. Abnormal cells that form in the lobules is known as lobular carcinoma. There are some risk factors which are associated with this condition –

·  Mass or lump that is felt under the arm near the area. This can be differentiated as there is no lump in the other breast.

·  Change in size and shape.

·   Sudden nipple discharge with blood.

·   Skin irritation such as dimpling, scaliness and puckering.

·   Warm and swollen breasts with dimpling.

Some of the associated risk factors are –

·   It is way more common in females then males.

·   The risk of developing this condition increases as a woman age.

·   If a blood relative in the family is suffering from this condition, then your chances of inheriting it also increase.

·         If you have personal history of breast conditions such as LCIS or atypical hyperplasia etc.

Breast cancer specialist in India diagnose this disease with the help of the following procedures –

·    Mammogram – it is an x-ray of the breast and a common screening test.

·    Ultrasound – images of structures that are present deep within the body are produced by ultrasound.

·   Biopsy – it is the only definite way to diagnose cancer. A tissue from the body is removed and analyzed.

Breast cancer treatment is usually done with the help of a surgery. It is either done with the help of lumpectomy or mastectomy. In lumpectomy, surgeon removes the tumor along with a small part of the healthy tissue. It is ideal for small tumors. For large tumors, mastectomy is used. Whole breast tissue is removed in this procedure.


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