How neurosurgery helps in getting rid of diseases of brain and spinal cord

Control of the body is taken care by the nervous system. Along with this, it also controls the communication between them. It tells our body how to react. For ex- If we are walking on a road and see a pool of water collected, then the organs will analyze and interpret this information and send it to the brain which will command the body to not step on that. It comprises of brain, spinal cord, sensory organs, never and ganglia. However, these functions are hampered by diseases that directly affect the brain and spinal cord. When conservative treatments don’t help, there is need of surgery. BLK is considered as the top neurology hospitals in india.

The branch of department which deals with the diagnosis and treatment of the diseases of nervous system is known as neurology. If the treatment is done with the help of helps surgery, then it is dealt under neurosurgery. Best neurology hospitals in India impart the following surgeries –

·  Brain tumor surgery – Tumors that begin in the brain or travel from other parts to the brain is known as brain tumor. There are different types of surgeries to deal with it. One of them is Craniotomy. In brain tumor treatment, anesthesia is administered to the patient. An incision is made behind the hairline. Skull is opened wide and skin and muscles are lifted off the bone and folded back. The brain is exposed and the corridor to the area needing repair is opened. Small sized tools and instruments such as long handled scissors, dissectors, lasers etc are some of them. After the procedure, muscles and skin are sutured back together.

· Epliespsy surgery – Epilespsy is a neurological disorder in which the nerve cell activity of the brain is hampered which leads to seizures. This surgery is recommended to people whose seizures originate in the same place in the brain. In this procedure, hair is clipped short to avoid any infection. A small flexible tube is inserted through a vein to check the heart rate and blood pressure. Anesthesia is then given. A small opening in your skull will be made to access the brain. The bone is replaced and fastened to the remaining skin. After the surgery, you will be sent to the ICU where you will be monitored.

·  Deep brain stimulation

It is one of the most preferred methods to treat Parkinson’s disease. It is used to treat problems which are caused due to abnormal pulses. Electrodes are implanted within certain areas of the brain. It is also used in conditions such as tremor, Dystonia, eplilepsy etc. In this procedure, your head is kept in still. Local anesthesia is given to numb the scalp. A thin wire with number of electrodes will be implanted into a specific area of the brain. One side of the wire is attached to the pulse generator. You will remain awake and your responses will help the doctor to place the lead in correct place. 

With advancement of modern techniques, there are different techniques to access nervous system. One of them is neuroendoscopy in India. It is a minimally invasive procedure in which very small sized incision is made to extract tumor through small holes. It can be done either from the skull or through the nose. An endoscope is used to perform this surgery. It is a small device, similar to a telescope and equipped with a high resolution camera. It enables the surgeon to access areas of the brain that are not reached with traditional surgery. Other healthy parts of the skull are not harmed while removing the tumor.

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