Gastrointestinal cancer Treatment and Recovery India

Gastric cancer, commonly referred as stomach cancer is the formation of a mass of abnormal cells in the stomach. Stomach cancer is the fifth most common cancer that causes thousands of deaths every year.  This has been a huge reason why gastrointestinal cancer treatment in India has gained focus from doctors and medical institutes to keep finding better ways to treat the deadly disease. Around 90 to 95 percent of stomach cancers are caused due to the abnormal growth of mucosa cells that form the mucosa lining of the stomach.

Stomach cancer treatment in India is performed using highly advanced machinery and the team of technicians that look into the treatment are extremely experienced. They make sure that everything goes according to the procedure and no unwanted complications arise.

Before moving on to the treatment, let us first take a look into the common symptoms that are observed in stomach cancers. A person having stomach cancer may have some of the following:

·         Feeling of a full stomach and loss of appetite

·         Bloating after meals

·         Continuous burping

·         Heartburn (a burning feeling in the chest and throat region)

·         Persistent indigestion

·         Stomachache or pain in the breast bone

·         Trapped wind

·         Vomiting

Like any other cancer, stomach cancer is also caused due to the structural defects in the DNA which causes abnormal growth of the cells. A definite cause for the mutation of stomach cells is still unknown. Stomach cancer, being the third most dangerous cancer that causes death, needs to be treated as soon as it is diagnosed. The chances of survival decreases as the cancer reaches its final stage.

The treatment for stomach cancer and Breast Cancer Treatment includes surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy. The main aim of the surgery is to remove the cancerous cell residing in the stomach. This helps to superficially get rid of the cancerous cells. The surgery is usually followed by chemo or radiation therapy to kill the remaining cells. Since cancerous cells has the tendency to grow extremely fast, the patient is put on the chemo or radiation therapy soon after the surgery.

The patient is kept in the hospital for a week or two after the surgery, depending on the type of surgical procedure that took place (removal of tumor, subtotal gastrectomy or total gastrectomy). The patient’s vitals are continuously examined to make sure that no harm has come from the procedure. This is performed by specialized nurses and technicians so nothing goes wrong.

Where Radiation therapy is performed to treat this type of cancer, it is very uncommon. The doctors are not very fond to use radiation to treat stomach cancer because of the risk of harming the other vital organs. Whenever it is performed, it is usually after the surgery to kill the remaining cancerous cells.

Where radiation is used after the surgery, chemotherapy is used before the surgery to reduce or shrink the size of cancer. It done through chemo drugs which can be a single drug or even a combination of drugs, depending on the size and stage of the cancer. 

The patient who has gone through the whole process of chemo, surgery and radiation needs to give his or her body an ample amount of time to rejuvenate. During this period, family is the greatest support one could have. The patient is asked to be on complete bed rest for a few months (2-3 months) because removal of tumor or the part of your stomach takes some time to recover. Lifting any weights or even shopping bags must be avoided at all costs with driving. Your body is weak and no pressure must be put on it. And regular check-ups in top cancer hospital in India are a must. 

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